Bigshot Robot

Multifaceted Milwaukee artist and designer David Mark Zimmerman, known for his vibrant paintings, imaginative live art, pique-worthy patterns, and mesmerizing murals; Bigshot Robot's creations are a collection of curiosity, vibrancy, humor and energy.

Lets's work together.

I enjoy working on illustration and lettering projects, apparel, animations, murals, live events, social media content, and gallery exhibitions. I work out of my studio making drawings, colorful paintings, vibrant patterns, quirky lettering, and other shiny stuff. I'm available for workshops, interactive events, or anything likely to produce fun.



Milwaukee Bucks, Pabst Brewery Carmex, MilwaukeeHome, DigiCopy, Funjet Vacations, The MINI Classy, Get Checked Omaha, Bad Genie, Rogues Gallery, BVK, Serve Marketing, Video Villains, Avalia Skateboards


Arte Para Todos, Planned Parenthood, Kit & Ace, Fringe Fest, Islands of Brilliance, Fondy Food Farms, Milwaukee Carnival


2017 • Rogues Gallery Halloween Group Show, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2017 • BlackCatAlley Artist's, Bader Rutter, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2017 • Cupid's Conundrum • BlackCatAlley, MKE, WI (Mural Show)

2016 • Featured Artist @ Kit & Ace's Milwaukee Shop

2016 • The Friendship Show, HotPop!, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2016• Tribesman, After Magazine Party, MKE, WI

2016 • Astronots, Hotpop!, MKE, WI

2015 • BOLD, Commonplace Pop Up, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2015 • Astronots, Rogues Gallery, MKE, WI


2015 • Friends 5evr, HotPop!, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2015 • Riverwest Pizza Gallery, MKE, WI

2015 • Black and White Show, Rogue's Gallery, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2014 • DOODLES, HotPop!, MKE, WI

2014 • Scary Aviary, Bubbler Studios, MKE, WI

2014 • Let’s p-ART-y, Cocoon Room, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2014 • Bay View Art Walk, Skateboard Show, MKE WI (Group Show)

2012 • An Atmosphere Apart, Rogues Gallery, MKE WI



have a look in my studio

and at some of the process

that goes into my drawings.