All Stars On and Off the Field.

Photos by: Andrew Feller


Just outside Milwaukee's Miller Park, Helfaer Field made the perfect sunset setting for a battle of the best. Thursday, September 8th marked the second annual All Star game in Milwaukee's intramural softball league for the advertising community. Hosted by United Adworkers, Players and fans from agencies around the area gathered to play ball in the name of raising funds for our local beloved listener supported radio station 88.9 Radio Milwaukee. As if a riveting game of softball wasn't enough - the field was abuzz with the likes of girls in gorilla suits, favorite radio personality Dori Zori, and me sneaking out into center field to paint. 

Ryan J. Day, commissioner of the sport league, invited me to perform some live art and we took it one step further and donated the painting to the raffle for the fundraising cause. 



David Zimmerman

Illustrator / Graphic Artist