First Solo Exhibition!

Tonight, I am hanging my first solo exhibition due to open September 5th at HotPop in Milwaukee, WI. This inaugural step into the gallery world feels like a pretty hefty step in the right direction.

Being that it is my first individual exhibition, I thought it fitting to take time to look back on the mass of work I had created since the end of my time at university. It proved to be an interesting experience.

Leaving almost all Bigshot Robot apparel items, concepts, and characters out - I got the chance to relearn who I am as an artist outside of the brand. Being able to create imagery for the sake of learning and improving my skills for no other reason than to merely make and produce stuff

Anatomy, typography, getting a nose just right, or letting all rules by the wayside just to see what the depths of your mind can create is in a way - freeing. Sometimes it can be a bit unsettling, but my usual goal whilst doodling tends to be either that of humoring or freaking myself out. And more often than not, some sort of success comes from each scribble. 

Come check out a plethora of mediums, thoughts and scaled pieces by David Mark Zimmerman: Artist, Designer, Creative Director of Bigshot Robot.

David Zimmerman

Illustrator / Graphic Artist