Embracing weird through quirky illustrations, spirited lettering, live painting and characters filled with color. 

Bigshot Robot’s portfolio includes illustration, large-scale paintings, branding, lettering, patterns, character design, album art, editorial illustration, apparel, posters, and skateboards.


Carmex, Funjet Vacations, Get Checked Omaha, Serve Marketing, Video Villains, Avalia Skateboards


Planned Parenthood, Kit & Ace, Fringe Fest, Islands of Brilliance, Fondy Food Farms, Milwaukee Carnival


Ian Jones

• Ryan Tretow

• Chris Walker

• Meredith Meier

• Kelsey Erin

• Vallen Alexander

• Emma Stamp

• KailaQ

• Vern Kittler

• Steven Bossler



Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2017.

The Design Kids, 2016.



2017 • BlackCatAlley Artist's, Bader Rutter, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2017 • Cupid's Conundrum • BlackCatAlley, MKE, WI (Mural Show)

2016 • Featured Artist @ Kit & Ace's Milwaukee Shop

2016 • The Friendship Show, HotPop!, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2016• Tribesman, After Magazine Party, MKE, WI

2016 • Astronots, Hotpop!, MKE, WI

2015 • BOLD, Commonplace Pop Up, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2015 • Astronots, Rogues Gallery, MKE, WI

2015 • Friends 5evr, HotPop!, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2015 • Riverwest Pizza Gallery, MKE, WI

2015 • Black and White Show, Rogue's Gallery, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2014 • DOODLES, HotPop!, MKE, WI

2014 • Scary Aviary, Bubbler Studios, MKE, WI

2014 • Let’s p-ART-y, Cocoon Room, MKE, WI (Group Show)

2014 • Bay View Art Walk, Skateboard Show, MKE WI (Group Show)

2012 • An Atmosphere Apart, Rogues Gallery, MKE WI